Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

'Wonuola Akintola
2 min readOct 6, 2022

In healthy doses and in many ways, it helps to stretch limitations, for increasing capacity and attaining desired ‘higher’ goals. Stretching is allowing stress. There are however times when stress is not intentionally induced for growth, yet still beneficial. There are also times when the beneficial limit is exceeded. The dose for everyone is different, even if of the same age, weight or race. It is important therefore to know one’s unique capacity and limitations, for the stretching stress .

The law of the rubber band explains it well: stretching holds more together increasingly, up to a point when further stretching results in snapping! Graded stretching may help determine optimal stress, and reduces the risk of complications, that could incapacitate resulting in no longer being fit for purpose.


Stress in small doses can increase individual creativity, to devise ways and means of handling more work and enhancing productivity. Awareness of the snap limit helps in putting up the stop sign, preventing loss that may be irredeemable. The dose for each person varies, like tolerance too alcohol or medication. The need to know oneself therefore very important for healthy living and illness prevention.


Stress in toxic doses contaminates the mind and the body too, may be damaging or completely destructive. Ensuring boundaries are in place to prevent taking on more than one is designed for, in any life season, helps in keeping healthy physically and mentally. This may require saying “no” to additional work or family demands, or taking a needed break to recharge mind batteries. Please put up the STOP SIGN before snap signs set in.

What are your body’s warning signs of exhaustion? What helps you recharge your batteries? What do others see when you are overstretched?



'Wonuola Akintola

Emotion Focused Mental Health Speaker, Writer & Trainer | Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist | Freedom Advocate