'Wonuola Akintola
2 min readJan 18, 2023

It was amazing watching the frail looking girl, lifting the weights seemingly so easy. Looks indeed could be deceitful, was what some mumbled.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

The trucks were due to arrive soon and room was needed to take in the delivery. Unfortunately, the heavy sacks in the store house had accidentally rolled down, following one of the props collapsing, and blocking the opening for deliveries. Time was running out fast.

The young men were struggling to lift each bag. It was surprising that “tiny Tina”, as she was called, even dared to try. More shocking was the ease and speed with which she cleared the sacks, balancing one per arm like they were so light! The guys moved back in awe, giving her room to do what they had struggled to do!

It later came to light that Tina’s hidden skill had been acquired over many years. Helping her dad from her earlier days, with his building work, had got her carrying things with wanting to spend time with him. She cherished those evenings with her dad, and had thrown her heart joyfully in whatever needed to be done.

Over the years she had carried heavier things, working with him to build the family business. It was all they had to put bread on the table. She carried on regularly and ease accompanied her determined heart, helping her devise strategies to manage heavier weights deemed too much for her.

Life throws challenges, like heavy weights! The more one practises carrying what comes one’s way, the stronger the mental and emotional muscles are bound to get.

There will always be things we cannot change, like many things life may bring our way. A support network helps, and healthier not to carry unnecessary burden. Complaining and griping, will however not stop life’s challenges. It’s best therefore to get on with what needs be carried as best one can, not avoiding or denying what must be done to move forward.

Like obstacles on a road trip, we need to change route, or ask for help from others who know the way, or are assigned by life to help.

Staying stuck and doing nought is bound to make the muscles weak, and other challenges still lay ahead! Help from others may also help prevent healthy limits from being exceeded!

The seemingly little daily tasks trains the mind for bigger challenges. Build your strength at a healthy pace, and don’t carry weights not designed for you.




'Wonuola Akintola

Emotion Focused Mental Health Speaker, Writer & Trainer | Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist | Freedom Advocate